Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well, I've had this thing for over a year now. Probably about time I make a post or do something with it huh?

My intent with this blog is to provide one more avenue with which people can become better aware of the dangerous - yet by one - childlove movement. I'm not talking about adults simply loving children; I'm talking about self-proclaimed pedophiles who prey on kids. What's scary is that they're in the very places you would think kids would be safe - schools, homes, parks, the local grocery store, etc. They trade ideas of how to get closer to kids, how to convince the parents that they're safe. Basically - how to perv on kids and not get caught. Many are registered sex offenders, or have been questioned or suspected of sexual offenses. And they're right there - waiting to get closer to YOUR children, YOUR nieces & nephews, YOUR grandchildren.

People need to know just how dangerous these people are.

My focus here will be boylovers and in particular, a website aimed at the very things I just mentioned - Boychat. I've read what they've had to say and quite's nothing more than a bunch of delusional rambling that speaks more to their severe mental instability than anything. Seriously - these guys have completely lost their marbles. They live in fantasy worlds every minute of every day.

Others have worked hard to identify these perverts and I'll do my best to provide one more source of information to warn innocent children and the adults who TRULY love them.


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