Thursday, April 10, 2008

Grand Delusions

I planned to be updating this blog more often than I have been, but it's hard to keep up with the continual filth that is childlovers on the internet. Seriously, the typical person would be absolutely floored to find out just how prevalent this problem is.

I'm all about technology and willingly admit that I probably wouldn't know what to do without a computer and the internet. But at the same time, I wish neither existed. Both allow for just one more medium in which the pedophiles of the world spread their wings and put forth their delusional ideas and tactics.

It's almost kind of funny to read their posts sometimes. Some of them claim to be so well-educated, writing these long posts and trying to make themselves sound so smart. Take Dylan Thomas for example, the Grand Poobah of Boychat. He writes novel upon novel and all he really ends up doing is talking in circles. Of course I wouldn't say he's a complete idiot. After all, he runs the Boychat website. But he writes and thinks like an idiot.

Really, take a look at any of the pages on Wikisposure, read the things these pedophiles say. I don't encourage anyone to visit Boychat, but if you have been there you know exactly what I'm talking about. What's sad is that some of the minions look up to the likes of Jim Finn, Dylan Thomas and other various bigshots who have come up through the ranks over the years. They hang on every word, believe everything that's said.

All I have to say is thank goodness for sites like Wikisposure, keeping up and pegging them off one by one.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Media Exposure

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.

Hats off to Wikisposure for grabbing some great media attention, as witnessed in this video posted on an Oregon news website:

It's really rather humourous to see the reactions of the pedos over on Boychat, spewing the usual - well - crap. You have the forever-pointing-fingers Daniel Lievre describing Wikisposure as a "probably criminal, defamatory website." cjgreen is reacting much as a grade school child would, by making fun of the reporter. Fidia wonders if his name was pronounced correctly. Akira Yamaoka Pwnz points out that part of the video made it appear as though there was kp trading on Boychat. cjgreen replied back and - well - hmm, it almost seems as if he is implying there IS kp being traded to some extent. Strato says sex at 8 years old IS too late. (Gee, perv on little kids much?) Evil Cat agrees that boys thighs smell great. BLToes seems to think this is a good thing for the boylove community. Santi spewed something that resembled a post, but per usual - didn't make a whole lot of sense. Crysta, the man-pretending-to-be-a-woman, made a comment about his pussy being wet. Must've just given his cat a bath, I'm thinking.

And they wonder why there are websites trying to rid the internet of their filth. Gee, I just can't imagine why.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I LOL'd today at the thought of all these boylovers and how scared they must be. I mean, let's face it - can you really hide? The ones who I think will be the most fun to see identified are those who flap their jaws and honest-to-God think they can't be found. You know the type I'm talking about - the ones talking smack and being all "I'm invincible." Do you think Jeffrey Brisson, aka The Night Raven and Harold Spurling, aka Aztram ever thought they'd be caught and held on millions of dollars bail? Probably not. Do you think James Patrick Finn III, aka Jimf3, ever dreamed he'd be sitting in jail, up on federal charges? Nah.

But then again, this is how pedophiles think. They truly believe they're doing nothing wrong. I don't give a rat's a$$ if they've never actually done something to a little boy. The mere fact that they (a) think about it, (b) want to do it, (c) encourage others to do it and/or (d) advocate it - - that's enough to convince me that that they should spend the rest of their lives in general population at the federal pen. Yep, I'm the thought police.

Seriously, if you're so freaking sure that what you're doing is right - why hide? Why not come out and tell the world who you are? If you really, absolutely, positively are doing nothing wrong, if you really, absolutely, positively think that it is just and right for you to have sex with a child - irregardless of whether you actually have or not - why not stand up for what you believe in? Don't hide behind your stupid Boychat personas. Be a man. Prove the anti groups wrong. C'mon - I dare you.

But alas, they are but mere cowards. I don't buy the "if I let people know who I am, they'll hurt me" crap. Whatever. See, my philosophy is that they know deep in their hearts and way in the back of their delusional little minds, that they're wrong. Fellas, don't let the Kevin Browns of the boylove community scare you. His stories of being assaulted because he's a pedophile are nothing more than his way of garnering sympathy from the boylove community. Think about it. He spouted off publicly on the radio about his involvement with NAMBLA and in turn lost his family. He's stated many times that he's pretty much got nothing. When you fall into that deep state of worthlessness, you always look for that pick-me-up, right? What better way to make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy and loved, than to make up some bullshit story and have people feel sorry for you. So erase the useless scare tactics and think about it - what ARE you afraid of, really?

I'll close this post with some food for thought. You've got a few Boychatters sitting in jail right now. Odds are that some of 'em will sing like canaries in order to get a better deal for themselves. Think about all you've done in the boylove community, what you've said, who you've talked to. As more pedophiles are identified and arrested, the odds increase. Will you be next? Will the next knock on your door be the cops? People talk. Scared people really talk. If one doesn't, the next one will. Don't fool yourselves into thinking that you're invincible because that's simply unrealistic. It's just a matter of time.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Two Down - Who's Next?

Some very welcome news. Two long-time Boychat posters, Aztram (aka Harold Spurling) and The Night Raven (aka Jeffrey Brisson) were recently arrested and are currently being held on 2 and 3 MILLION dollars bail. Yes, you read that right. MILLIONS. Why are they being held? Well, it seems as though the law has finally caught up with them. Acting on a tip by the folks over at Wikisposure, the police went to the pair's apartment and lo & behold - found child pornography on their computer. Amongst that CP was a video of Brisson sexually assaulting a three month old baby; that same baby was in the apartment when the police arrived.

Here's to hoping these sick pieces of crap never see the light of day outside of confinement. And with any luck, perhaps they will have to stay amongst the general population. I think we can all imagine what even the hard-core criminals think of child molestors.

For more information, check out their Wikisposure write-ups.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well, I've had this thing for over a year now. Probably about time I make a post or do something with it huh?

My intent with this blog is to provide one more avenue with which people can become better aware of the dangerous - yet by one - childlove movement. I'm not talking about adults simply loving children; I'm talking about self-proclaimed pedophiles who prey on kids. What's scary is that they're in the very places you would think kids would be safe - schools, homes, parks, the local grocery store, etc. They trade ideas of how to get closer to kids, how to convince the parents that they're safe. Basically - how to perv on kids and not get caught. Many are registered sex offenders, or have been questioned or suspected of sexual offenses. And they're right there - waiting to get closer to YOUR children, YOUR nieces & nephews, YOUR grandchildren.

People need to know just how dangerous these people are.

My focus here will be boylovers and in particular, a website aimed at the very things I just mentioned - Boychat. I've read what they've had to say and quite's nothing more than a bunch of delusional rambling that speaks more to their severe mental instability than anything. Seriously - these guys have completely lost their marbles. They live in fantasy worlds every minute of every day.

Others have worked hard to identify these perverts and I'll do my best to provide one more source of information to warn innocent children and the adults who TRULY love them.