Monday, February 04, 2008

Two Down - Who's Next?

Some very welcome news. Two long-time Boychat posters, Aztram (aka Harold Spurling) and The Night Raven (aka Jeffrey Brisson) were recently arrested and are currently being held on 2 and 3 MILLION dollars bail. Yes, you read that right. MILLIONS. Why are they being held? Well, it seems as though the law has finally caught up with them. Acting on a tip by the folks over at Wikisposure, the police went to the pair's apartment and lo & behold - found child pornography on their computer. Amongst that CP was a video of Brisson sexually assaulting a three month old baby; that same baby was in the apartment when the police arrived.

Here's to hoping these sick pieces of crap never see the light of day outside of confinement. And with any luck, perhaps they will have to stay amongst the general population. I think we can all imagine what even the hard-core criminals think of child molestors.

For more information, check out their Wikisposure write-ups.


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