Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I LOL'd today at the thought of all these boylovers and how scared they must be. I mean, let's face it - can you really hide? The ones who I think will be the most fun to see identified are those who flap their jaws and honest-to-God think they can't be found. You know the type I'm talking about - the ones talking smack and being all "I'm invincible." Do you think Jeffrey Brisson, aka The Night Raven and Harold Spurling, aka Aztram ever thought they'd be caught and held on millions of dollars bail? Probably not. Do you think James Patrick Finn III, aka Jimf3, ever dreamed he'd be sitting in jail, up on federal charges? Nah.

But then again, this is how pedophiles think. They truly believe they're doing nothing wrong. I don't give a rat's a$$ if they've never actually done something to a little boy. The mere fact that they (a) think about it, (b) want to do it, (c) encourage others to do it and/or (d) advocate it - - that's enough to convince me that that they should spend the rest of their lives in general population at the federal pen. Yep, I'm the thought police.

Seriously, if you're so freaking sure that what you're doing is right - why hide? Why not come out and tell the world who you are? If you really, absolutely, positively are doing nothing wrong, if you really, absolutely, positively think that it is just and right for you to have sex with a child - irregardless of whether you actually have or not - why not stand up for what you believe in? Don't hide behind your stupid Boychat personas. Be a man. Prove the anti groups wrong. C'mon - I dare you.

But alas, they are but mere cowards. I don't buy the "if I let people know who I am, they'll hurt me" crap. Whatever. See, my philosophy is that they know deep in their hearts and way in the back of their delusional little minds, that they're wrong. Fellas, don't let the Kevin Browns of the boylove community scare you. His stories of being assaulted because he's a pedophile are nothing more than his way of garnering sympathy from the boylove community. Think about it. He spouted off publicly on the radio about his involvement with NAMBLA and in turn lost his family. He's stated many times that he's pretty much got nothing. When you fall into that deep state of worthlessness, you always look for that pick-me-up, right? What better way to make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy and loved, than to make up some bullshit story and have people feel sorry for you. So erase the useless scare tactics and think about it - what ARE you afraid of, really?

I'll close this post with some food for thought. You've got a few Boychatters sitting in jail right now. Odds are that some of 'em will sing like canaries in order to get a better deal for themselves. Think about all you've done in the boylove community, what you've said, who you've talked to. As more pedophiles are identified and arrested, the odds increase. Will you be next? Will the next knock on your door be the cops? People talk. Scared people really talk. If one doesn't, the next one will. Don't fool yourselves into thinking that you're invincible because that's simply unrealistic. It's just a matter of time.

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